Intellectual Property Operations Counseling

The design is complete, tooling has been purchased, and the first shipments of inventory are getting ready to go out the door! Let’s see, what remains to be done? Did we ever consider patenting that new widget that is going to take our market by storm? Did we ever check to see if the streamlined shape of the widget fairing would infringe anyone’s design patent? Will that flour-de-ley that we cast into the main frame in order to emphasize the fact that the product is being made by our company infringe someone else’s trademark? Let Askew Intellectual Property provide Intellectual Property Operations Counseling.

All too often, organizations are so occupied with bringing their product to market that Intellectual Property concerns become an afterthought! Unfortunately, by that time, many things may have occurred that could jeopardize your ability to ever obtain IP protection. What may be worse, near the end of the product development cycle can be an expensive time to find out that a redesign or rebranding is required.

World class organizations incorporate IP reviews and evaluations early on in their product development, marketing, and creative processes. Askew Intellectual Property, LLC, provides IP operations counseling, in order to help your organization integrate these considerations into your processes. By being aware of IP pitfalls and cognizant of IP opportunities, even small and mid-size companies can learn to truly leverage their creative talents. Askew Intellectual Property, LLC, would be privileged to be alongside, helping you “Protect Your IP from the Point of Conception.”